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Comunidad Negra Africana y Afrodescendiente en España (CNAAE, Black African and Afro-descendant Community in Spain) is an association devoted to entering the political framework to eradicate structural racism and promote recognition, justice and development for black Africans and Afro-descendants living in the country.

As you can see, the black African and Afro-descendant community in Spain has been lobbying for years to ensure that our rights are guaranteed. However, we have found a political class that ignores our demands, distorts them, or they get lost in the gesture politics that does not bring any structural change.

Any legislation, public policy or measure against racism that is carried out must include the participation of black African and Afro-descendent organizations.

Once again, we come together to express our full support for George Floyd’s family and the entire black community in the United States that is taking to the streets screaming “no justice, no peace.”

“Afro-descendent: a person of African origin living in the Americas and in all areas of the African diaspora as a result of slavery.”

In June 2019 rallies were held in Madrid, Bilbao, Barcelona, Murcia, Málaga, Zaragoza, Mallorca, Canary Islands, Tarragona, Valencia, Córdoba, Rota, Sitges, Lleida, Granollers, Salt, Olot and Vilafranca del Penedés to condemn the racist murder of our brother George Floyd by Derek Chauvin, a white supremacist of the Minneapolis (Minnesota) police force.

We, the black African and Afro-descendant community in Spain, believed that it was necessary to give a strong response to the historical and structural violence to which black people are subjected in the United States. However, anti-black institutional and social racism is not only happening in the US. In different parts of the world, we see how it threatens black lives with physical murder and, indirectly, with structural poverty, labor exploitation, and a lack of opportunities.

This platform was created because the situation of the black community in the world is a direct legacy of the period of slavery, kidnapping and trade of black people, of colonialism and neo-colonialism. And Spain is no exception. The black African and Afro-descendant community in Spain has been advocating for years for our rights and we thought it was convenient to create this association to fight for them.





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En esta área se gestionan los recursos necesarios para la actividad interna de cnaae y el desarrollo de los servicios de acompañamiento a la comunidad. 

Grupos de Trabajo activos del área:

  • GT Seguridad: Control de seguridad en concentraciones, manifestaciones y otras acciones presenciales organizadas por CNAAE.
  • GT Recursos: Recopilación y coordinación de recursos humanos, técnicos y materiales para atender las necesidades derivadas de la acción política y social de CNAAE.


En esta área se disponen, debaten y coordinan acciones estatales y se mantiene la comunicación organizativa entre los diferentes territorios donde CNAAE está activa. Formada por las coordinadoras territoriales y coordinadoras de área.

Grupos de Trabajo activos del área:

  • GT Forma Jurídica: Estudio y desarrollo de la constitucion legal de la plataforma
  • GT Producción: Soporte logístico para el funcionamiento interno.


En esta área se desarrolla todo lo que refiere a comunicación exterior de CNAAE. Contactos con prensa, comunicaciones en redes sociales, edición de artículos para web.

Grupos de Trabajo activos del área:

  • GT Web: Elaboración y gestión de la web CNAAE
  • GT Redes: Gestión de publicaciones en redes estatales y territoriales.
  • GT Portavoces: Atención a medios de comunicación


Elaboración de contenido interno y posicionamiento externo de CNAAE.

Grupos de Trabajo activos del área:

  • GT Formación: Diagnóstico de necesidades formativas internas. Coordinación de sesiones de formación internas para miembros CNAAE y externas en abierto.
  • GT Institucional: Seguimiento y análisis de la actividad institucional estatal y autonómica.
  • GT Campaña Temporeros: Acción relacionada con campaña de apoyo a trabajadores agrarios de la comunidad.


Elaboración de reglamento interno, código ético y protocolo de prevención y actuación contra la violencia machista dentro y fuera de CNAAE. Mediación en posibles conflictos internos.

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In this area, we manage the necessary resources for the internal activity of CNAAE and the development of accompaniment services for the community.

Active Task Forces in the area:

  • Security TF: Security control at protests, demonstrations, and other on-site actions
    organized by CNAAE.
  • Resources TF: Compilation and coordination of human, technical and material resources to meet the needs derived from the political and social action of CNAAE.


In this area, national actions are arranged, debated, and coordinated. It’s also where organizational communication occurs between the different territories where CNAAE is active. It is formed by the territory and area coordinators.

Active Task Forces of this area:

  • Legal TF:Research and development of the legal constitution of the platform
  • Production TF: Logistical support for internal operations


This area handles everything related to the external communication of CNAAE. Contact with the press, communication in social media, editing of articles for our website, etc.

Active Task Forces in this area:

  • Web TF:Development and management of the CNAAE website.
  • Media TF:Management of posts and publications in national and territorial media.
  • Spokespersons TF: Attending the media requests./li>


Creation of internal content and external positioning of CNAAE.

Active Task Forces in the area:

  • Training TF:Diagnosis of internal training needs. Coordination of internal training sessions for CNAAE members and open external training.
  • Institutional TF: Follow-up and analysis of national and regional institutional activity.
  • “Temporeros” (migrant workers) Campaign TF: Actions related to the campaign that provides support for seasonal agrarian workers in the community.


Creation of internal regulations, ethical code and prevention protocols and action against sexism inside and outside CNAAE. Mediation in possible internal conflicts.